Monday, September 30, 2013

Sprachreise Barcelona

 How often have you noticed the difference of life of people who live in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Denmark!? I can tell you something..I personal adore those people. Maybe is because they know the way of life better then other countries. Maybe they know why doing something will automatic not damage in pyramid system the other object,and list can easily continue. For many of us,who have more then 30 years, studying now is being done intensive or , is being done accurate, no superficial like we did it on Highschool and other preparatory classes. I love languages, i love knowing more and more information about who we are, why we are here. I am like a sponge that collects more and more information, not any kind of information..

Sprachreise Barcelona, a corridor to learn new things, new language, put me in the position to choose. I did my learning back in highschool, faculty and learned as much as i could 3 different languages. I loved it. This is something for me a relaxation. What i do hope is that soon i will be ready to choose the new road,the new update from my life.
All comes from behind when i use to love everything that was related to old languages, and Latin was one of it. Trough the help of Sprachreise Barcelona i managed to understand better the concept of foreign language learned abroad. This is what makes the difference in reality. Not any common class will show you the difference and the special quality of this classes, but a real center when great, master teachers will come to present you something unique and great, that only there you will be able to learn.
Spanish school has been for a time a very debated place. It's not compared maybe with top classes like Oxford, but here great teachers from Oxford come and teach students. So what makes the difference from Oxford, UCLA and other well know universities and the ones from Spain. I will tell you no difference. From my point of view they are already in top too.